Marina Kantarovich Rodríguez, LICSW she/her

Marina came to the U.S. in 1989 as a political refugee from the Soviet Union; this identity deeply shapes her work. More specifically, Marina sees the work of psychotherapy as intimately linked to an understanding of people’s political experience and how this shapes their internal world. The way Marina works with this in the room is by paying attention to bodily experience; how the body communicates its history, sources of strength, and resilience; and how systems of oppression are enacted through it. Marina draws on liberatory abolitionist traditions as the organizing framework for the various therapeutic modalities in which she has been trained. She has been studying Buddhism and Yoga since 2007 and incorporates what she has learned from these traditions to help others move from patterned reactivity to greater freedom, connectedness and well-being.

Marina has lived in Chile and is multilingual in Spanish, Russian and English—global immigration justice is a central focus of Marina’s clinical and political work. Marina works with children, families and adults. When she is not at work, she can often be found running after her 2-year-old, reading therapy books, or watching Spanish-language soap operas.

Marina is not currently accepting new clients. She offers individual and family therapy with adults and teens and accepts the following insurances: Optum, BCBS, Tufts public and private plans, MBHP as well as private pay.

Brittany Mendez, LCSW she/her

Brittany’s work is motivated and informed by her belief that every human being is deeply valuable. In the therapy space, this unfolds as a genuine presence that witnesses your most difficult truths with unconditional acceptance and collaborates with your inherent resources to move towards healing and growth. Her therapeutic approach is informed by humanistic, psychodynamic, EMDR and internal family system modalities. She utilizes these modalities in conjunction with trauma-informed and anti-oppressive frameworks. Personal practices of meditation, writing, artmaking and engagement with the natural world are also drawn on as resources within her therapeutic practice. Her lived experience includes the following identities: white, latinx heritage, queer, cisgender, working and lower middle class. She is grateful and excited to be discovering new supportive ways of working and collectively healing at Catalyst.

Brittany is not currently accepting new clients. She offers individual therapy for adults and at this time is accepting private pay, Tufts Public, and MBHP plans.

Karen Kieffer, LCSW she/her

Karen approaches clinical work with the understanding that human beings are meant to be interconnected and that we were never meant to “go it alone” all the time. With a somatic and trauma-informed stance, she considers that personal experiences, even when difficult, are valuable and help us understand ourselves, others, and the world we want to create. Karen works with people who are navigating big life changes or stresses and are wondering if they can get through them. Change is more difficult when you have a mental health diagnosis, if you have difficult experiences in your past, or if you’re adapting to a new culture. This kind of stress makes everything harder and can overwhelm all the skills you have! But there are skills and experiences you can both learn and strengthen so that you can navigate whatever life brings more effectively. I have found that I work well with people who might have been using mental health services for a long time but have not experienced any improvement.

Karen is currently accepting new clients. She offers individual therapy for adults and at this time is accepting private pay, Tufts Public plans (Direct, Unify and Together) and MBHP. Karen also offers services in Spanish.

Alex W. Rodríguez, PhD he/him

Alex is a writer, organizer, educator, and trombonist working at the confluences of music, spirituality, and social transformation. A fifth-generation Hispanic settler Oregonian, he is driven by a commitment to heal the generational trauma inflicted by colonialism, patriarchy, and racial capitalism by any means necessary. Alex holds a PhD in Ethnomusicology from UCLA, where his research focused on jazz clubs and the communities that sustain them in Los Angeles, USA; Santiago, Chile; and Novosibirsk, Siberia. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Buddhist Peace Fellowship, a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting Dharma to our current political moment. He has also trained in Deep Listening through the Center for Deep Listening and is deepening his practice in consent-based governance through Sociocracy for All, where he serves as Leader of the Bylaws Circle. Although he isn’t a therapist, he’s been in therapy for long enough to know how helpful it can be!

Please reach out to Alex regarding mindfulness coaching, organizational consulting, or trombone lessons (an underrated healing modality!) To learn more about his work, or to subscribe to his artist newsletter, please visit

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